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StargateSGA Information
If you have any suggestions or corrections for this website please email me at You could also send me a comm at Locker #34. If you are giving a new Emoticon code please also include the image for  the Emoticon. Note: The more times the same person sends the same email with the same submission in it the slower I will be in putting it up... I'll reply to an email once I've read it. Another Note: I reserve the right to include or exclude any information submitted based on my own judgment, especially when it is not a correction or additional to what is already here...

I would like to thank the persons on the following list for their contributions and corrections.:

Special contributors are those I have asked for help with various areas of this site. I know some of these credits sound a little vague... But that's because I've been practicing.
 Anything in orange is for the version of this website.

Jane Doe (Special Contributor) :
Pointed out some mistakes on the Civilian Ranks page and let me know the rank images had been added.

Misty Direwolf (Special Contributor) :
Reminded me that I hadn't added the new Emoticons yet.

Pointed out an error on the Points page (Memory/GDO).

Anything in blue is went into the older version of this site and is most likely going to be back in some form.

Ashely "Topgun" Tyler :
Submitted some emoticon codes.

Fang (Special Contributor) :
Solving Slide Puzzles: "A How-To Guide" on the Slide Puzzles page.
The Figure 8: On the Slide Puzzles Page.

Faris :
Identified the unknown Memory image.
Sumitted some information for the UAV Scoring Guide.
Spotted missing glyphs on the Glyph Lock page.
Submitted some Emoticons codes.
Submitted some information for the Glider Simulation Scoring Guide.
Submitted some information for the UAV Simulation Scoring Guide
Submitted some Assignments Area information.

Jane Doe (Special Contributor) :
Gave me some of the emoticons codes.
Assistance with the Glider Simulation page.
Assistance with the UAV Simulation page

Lonnie :
Additional information on the Ion Cannons.

Misty Direwolf (Special Contributor) :
First information on the 125 Missions Ribbon.
Information on three new Emoticons.
Notified me of the latest new Emoticons.
Collected the 14 new Image Decoders, shown on Image Decoder Images, Page 2.
The idea of adding the "OC Rules" to the Chat Rooms page.
Collected the newest Emoticons codes and images.
Collected some of the Image Decoder images.
Submitted some of the emoticons codes.

S_Carter :
Information on certain ribbons.

Sara_B :
Submitted several previously missing and new Emoticons codes and images.
Submitted some of the emoticon codes.
Submitted some of the Emoticon images.

Siluc :
Sent in some information on the Slide Puzzles.
Submitted some information for the Ion Cannons Scoring Guide.

Tux_Max (Special Contributor) :
Permission to use information, images and other materials from the SGA site.
Also for other assistance in certain areas of this website.
Updating the link on SGA Level 07 when the address of this site changes.

vasman :
Corrections for part of the Image Decoder page.