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Subarea 11: Units
KD's Units: Direwolf's Diplomats   |   Direwolf's Dragoons   |   Direwolf's Doctors   |   MacEnzie's Midnight Marauders   |   Trickster's Trackers   |   Former Personnel
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Other Units: J*HAWKS (G.I. Joe Affiliate)
Misty's Nomad Lurkers


""We roam the pages of the site, in search of the elusive RE.""

SG-11 - Covert Ops
Misty`s Nomad Lurkers
Unit News Summary:
Misty Direwolf promoted to Base Commander.
Proof_Of_Omega promoted to Brigadier General.
Aymi Smith promoted to First Lieutenant.
Misty's Nomad Lurkers Unit Roster:
Base Commander Misty Direwolf
General Korbie Direwolf
General Who
Brigadier General Valeria
Brigadier General Proof_Of_Omega
Colonel Rod Gallowglass
First Lieutenant Aymi Smith
Second Lieutenant Alaskan Moon
Chief Master Sergeant Pom Dayspring Summers
Master Sergeant Gatomon
Staff Sergeant Trotsky