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The Bottomless Hole for Ideas Never to Be Revisited by Stargate
The Hole
Entries are grouped by episode. If an entry does somehow make a reappearance, but then disappears again, the entry will be listed with the newest episode. The other appearances or references will be shown with the entry. If some new information appears, up to and including a single throwaway line which explains an item, it will be moved out of the Hole to the list of Things That Made It Out. New entries and corrections are in orange.

"Children of the Gods"

Abydos -- The world where the only other known stargate is located. The first mission through the stargate led here. That team, including Colonel Jack O'Niell, Major Kawalsky, Major Ferretti, and Dr. Daniel Jackson, helped a rebellion against the local alien god, Ra. Ra was killed and Dr. Jackson stayed behind on Abydos. A year or so later, Colonel O'Niell leads a team to Abydos to locate Dr. Jackson. After Apophis attacks Abydos and takes several people as host candidates, Jackson has the people seal the stargate behind him and promises to return in a year.

Casey -- A younger member of SG-2, possibly enlisted or more likely, a newly-graduated officer. Is wounded on the mission to Chulak.

Chulak -- A world ruled by the Goa'uld Apophis. It seems to be a homeworld for an army of Jaffa. Chulak is also the name of a city on this world.

Giza DHD -- After Dr. Jackson's discovery of the dial home device on Abydos, it is known that the dial home device is missing from Earth's stargate. It was not found in the site at Giza where the stargate was buried.

Major Ferretti -- One of the survivors of the first Abydos mission. Rejoins Colonel O'Niell on the mission to retrieve Dr. Daniel Jackson and is wounded during the attack on base camp.

Major Samuels -- General Hammond's executive officer. Seems to be opposed to the idea of using the Stargate.

Probe -- Apophis' Serpent Guard send a small round object through the stargate before they arrive on Earth. It seems to scan the area near the stargate before they exit the stargate.

Sha're -- Dr. Daniel Jackson's wife. During the assault on the base camp she is taken prisoner by the Serpent Guard. Sha're is used as a host by a Goa'uld, the Queen of Apophis.

Skaara -- One of the Abydonian kids that saved O'Niell's team on the first Abydos mission. During the assault on the base camp he is taken prisoner by the Serpent Guard. While prisoner, Skaara becomes host to a Goa'uld.

Stargate Travel Effect -- One of the effects of stargate travel is the sensation of being frozen stiff on arrival. This is due to the compression molecules undergo during the millisecond required for reconstitution.

Warren -- A member of SG-2, probably an Air Force officer. Goes on the mission to Chulak.

"The Enemy Within"

Doctor Warner -- Chief surgeon of Stargate Command, probably a Lieutenant Colonel or Colonel in the Air Force. Lead the first attempt by a Tauri team to remove an infant Goa'uld from Major Charles Kawalsky. Although the symbiote was removed, somehow the Goa'uld retained control of Major Kawalsky.

Goa'uld/Host Bonding -- After it was discovered that Major Charles Kawalsky was host to an immature Goa'uld, a team led by Doctor Warner attempted surgery to remove the symbiote. All connections between the host and the Goa'uld were severed. What appeared to be the actual Goa'uld was even removed, yet somehow the Goa'uld had "become one with the host". The Goa'uld stated that only a dead husk was removed. If the Goa'uld was dead, how was it able to say this?


Herbal Anesthetic -- The Shavadi possessed a powerful herbal anesthetic, which SG-1 obtained a sample of for possible future trade.

P3X-595 -- A world to which SG-1 went on some mission at some point in time before arriving on Simarka.

Simarka --  A planet inhabited by the Shavadi and other tribes resembling the ancient Mongols of Earth. Dr. Daniel Jackson theorized that these people were decedents of the Chaggatai, the last Mongol tribe to follow the original nomadic way of life on the steppes of Asia. The people of this world follow a set of Old Laws, created to protect and hide the women from the demons that brought them here, most likely Goa'ulds.

Shavadi -- The People of the Steppe. A tribe encountered by SG-1 on Simarka, resembling the ancient Mongols of Earth. Moughal, the chieftain, was more lenient in his interpretations of the Old Laws, later leading to the Laws being revoked (for the Shavadi) as they were no longer needed.

Toughai -- The People of the Forest. A tribe encountered by SG-1 on Simarka, resembling the ancient Mongols of Earth. Their chief, Turghan, was a very strict follower of the Old Laws. He held the allegiance of twenty-two other tribes.

"The Broca Divide"

P3X-797 -- SG-1 and SG-3 embarked on a mission to P3X-797, believing that it may have been a Goa'uld homeworld. They discovered an oddly separated world, The Land of the Dark a perpetually dark area peopled by Stone Age primitives and the Land of Light an oddly lighted area peopled by Minoan-decended Bronze Age people. The natives of the Land of Light called themselves the Untouched and believed the primitives, or the Touched, to be possessed by the evil gods. The Touched were once Untouched and once infected with a parasitical histaminalytic virus were cast out of the Land of Light. SG-1 and SG-3 were infected by this virus and carried it home to Stargate Command with them. After a while, a cure was discovered and shared with the people of the Light Side.

"The First Commandment"

Ultraviolet Radiation Shield -- The Goa'uld left behind ultraviolet radiation shield technology when they abandoned an unnamed world high in UV levels. The shield generators were turned off before they left, dooming the Cave Dwellers to a life in agony. The two devices work by bouncing a special force field off of each other, and it appears to turn the sky orange. This technology is also used on other worlds.

Unnamed World -- A world that had been terraformed by the Goa'uld centuries ago. This world has dangerously high levels of ultraviolet radiation. The people dwell in caves, that may have once been mines. The caves are over crowded, so when Captain Hanson of SG-9 leads them to believe he is a god and offers them another way of life the Cave-Dwellers jump at it.

"Cold Lazarus"

Sara O'Niell -- Wife of Colonel Jack O'Niell. They separated after the death of their son, Charlie; shortly before the first mission to Abydos.

Unity -- The Unity are a race on energy beings that seem to inhabit certain blue crystals found on P3X-526. They emit a low level electromagnetic field. Most of the Unity were destroyed by the Goa'uld as punishment for injuring one.

"The Nox"

Fenri -- A flying creature found on the Nox World which is believed to have the power of invisibility. Fenris are very maneuverable in the air, they can ever hover.

P3C-117 -- SG-5 embarks on a standard recon mission to this world.

Stargate Homing Device -- A device that allows one to locate the stargate should one ever be separated from it. Both the Goa'uld and Stargate Command have a version of this device.

Nox -- A peaceful long-lived alien race, for whom the Nox World is named. The Nox appear to be simple, untechnological beings with strange powers. Their Ritual of Life is known to be able to revive the recently dead. They also have the ability to "hide" people, places and other things so completely that one would never know to look. The legendary power of invisibility attributed to the Fenris, in fact belongs to the Nox, who hide the Fenri when the hunters come. The Nox are dedicated to peace: They have no wish to fight, so they do not fight.

Nox World -- A seemingly unpopulated world. The Goa'uld come to this world to seek the Fenri, a flying creature they believe has the power of invisibility. This world is inhabited by the Nox, a powerful peaceful race, who simply hide themselves from sight (literally) whenever the Goa'uld arrive.

"Brief Candle"

Argos -- The world of the Chosen. Abandoned by Pelops for some unknown reason.

The Chosen -- The people of Argos who were infected with nanocites that shortened their lifespan to one hundred days. After meeting SG-1, and infecting Colonel O'Niell, the nanocites are rendered inactive and the aging process returned to normal.

Pelops Nanocites -- The Goa'uld Pelops created aging nanocites to speed up human evolution. They are spread among the population by bodily contact. A statute of Pelops contains a transmitter that turns the nanocites on and off, while on they age the host but while off they simply make more of themselves. Each person that is infected from birth lives only one hundred days. The transmitter's signal cause all of the Chosen on Argos to fall asleep at dusk and awake at dawn.

Pelops the Great -- A Goa'uld who experiment on the Chosen of Argos, when he is known as The Giver of Days. He chose and brought the first chosen to Argos as an experiment in human evolution. Using nanocites that speed the aging process in human beings he shortened the lifespan by 1/250 of normal, giving each of the Chosen one hundred days to live. He hoped to see what the human host would become in the future.

"Thor's Hammer"

Asgard -- A race of culture-bearing gods. Related in some way to Norse myths of Earth. An enemy of the Goa'uld, and one with enough power to hold them in check.

Cimmeria -- A world forbidden to all Goa'uld. All Jaffa are taught the sequence of stargate symbols to ensure none go there. The god
Thor has designated Cimmeria as a safe world fro developing sentient species. A device known as Thor's Hammer was set up to protect Cimmeria from the Goa'uld.

High Council of Asgard -- A ruling body of the Asgard, apparently with enough power to dictate to the Goa'uld System Lords.

Jebanna -- A world ruled by Marduk, used to harvest human hosts.

Marduk -- A Goa'uld about whom nothing much is known.

Thor -- The Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet and protector of Cimmeria.

Thor's Hammer -- A great weapon, wielded by the god Thor. The hammer is also the symbol for Cimmeria. The device on Cimmeria is made up of multiple parts. An obelisk scans all who come through the stargate and transports those who are Goa'uld or Jaffa into an underground labyrinth. There they are confronted by a hologram of Thor, who informs them of the way out through the Hall of Mjollner. The Hammer destroys Goa'uld symbiotes and larvae, allowing only the host to survive. All Goa'uld weapons become inactive on entering the labyrinth. There is hope for anyone who has become a Goa'uld host. Doctor Jackson damaged the Hammer to allow Teal'c's escape. Hopefully, no Goa'uld will test Cimmeria.

Thrudvang -- Thor's home in the stars.

Unas -- The Unas is believed to the First One, the first host of the Goa'uld. It is said to be born of the same world as the Goa'uld. Unas has long been thought a myth until discovered by O'Niell and Teal'c within the labyrinth containing Thor's Hammer. Goa'ulded Unas are said to have immeasurable power and strength as well as great regenerative power. It can utilize long periods of sleep to survive with no food. How much of this power comes from the symbiote and how much from the host is not known. All Goa'uld once used Unas as hosts and fed upon the weak.

"The Torment of Tantalus"

Catherine Langford -- Former head of the Stargate Project, Catherine was ousted in favor of military command. After the first mission to Abydos and the failure to reactivate the stargate Catherine retired. She is the daughter of Professor Langford. She accompanied SG-1 to Heliopolis on the mission to search for Ernest Littlefield.

Ernest Littlefield -- Ernest Littlefield was one of the scientists working on the stargate in 1945. When they managed to activate it he traveled through the wormhole and wasn't seen again for fifty years. He was engaged to marry Catherine Langford in 1945. Littlefield has been completely alone all the time he spent on Heliopolis. Eventually rescued by SG-1 and Catherine.

"Heliopolis" -- An ancient abandoned meeting place for an alliance of four great races. The knowledge within was believed to contain all of that meaning-of-life stuff. In 1945, American scientists working on the stargate open a wormhole to this world and send Ernest Littlefield throughout. The condition of the castle containing the stargate is not good. The DHD on this world was damaged when a portion of the roof collapsed. In another storm the DHD dropped into the ocean, later followed by the rest of the castle and the stargate. Stargate travel to this world is no longer possible.

Meeting Place -- The meeting place at Heliopolis is a pedestal containing a power source similar in appearance to that of a DHD. It projects a coded hologram message into the room. The message is made up of the 146 natural elements. To ensure universal communication the language was simplified to the basic elements common to everyone. It is like a book, with different information on different "pages". Ernest Littlefield spent fifty years trying to understand it. A message is written on four walls of this room in four very different languages, one being the language of the Asgard. The only thing left of this place are what video Dr. Jackson was able to shoot and the notes of Littlefield's work.

Below is the initial list created for this website.
Season One

Oannes -- This planet may be the home of an aquatic race known as the Oannes. Some of the Oannes appeared in ancient Earth history fighting the Goa'uld. When SG-1 traveled to Oannes, they encountered what appeared to be a highly technological race. [Fire and Water]

Cartago (P3X-1279) -- Cartago is home to the Byrsa, who are one of the Goa'ulds favorite hosts to harvest. [Cor-ai]

Major Louis Ferretti -- One of the few men to make it back from the original Abydos mission, Major Ferretti also becomes of the first members of an SG-team. He later appears as the team leader of SG-2 before disappearing again. [Children of the Gods and Within the Serpent's Grasp]

Season Two

Taldor -- "Justice". A mysterious council encountered on P3X-775. [Prisoners]

Hadante -- The prison world used by Taldor. The only way in is by stargate, and with no DHD there is no easy way out. [Prisoners]

P7J-989 -- A devestated world where the inhabitants had been kept in a virtual reality simulation by the Keeper as the world regenerated. [The Gamekeeper]

"Charlie" -- A human boy created by the Re'tu to send communicate with the Tauri. His genetically-engineered  and growth-accelerated body was not perfect so he ended up leaving with the Tok'ra for treatment. [Show and Tell]

Re'tu -- An insectoid alien race that exists 180º out of phase with our reality. Their home planet of Reetalia was destroyed by the Goa'uld . [Show and Tell]

Re'tu Rebels -- A faction of the Re'tu have begun a war of attrition against the Goa'uld. They plan to wipe out the Goa'uld by destroying all potential hosts. [Show and Tell]

Season Three

Gate Glider -- An ancient death glider that had been modified to travel through the stargate. [Into the Fire]

Aris Boch -- An alien bounty hunter who works for the Goa'uld in exchange for a substance that allows him to live. His race was destroyed by the Goa'uld as they were unable to be used as hosts.

Klor'el -- The son of Apophis, this Goa'uld absorbed Skaara as a host. After a Triad on Tollana he was removed from the host and sent to an unknown Goa'uld world. [Children of the Gods, Within the Serpent's Grasp, The Serpent's Lair, Pretense]

Urgo -- A probe created by the alien Togar, Urgo was somehow became sentient and returned to Togar's world. [Urgo]

Nyan -- A Bedrosian scientist who helps SG-1 escape from his people. He returns with them to Earth where he is given a position as Dr. Jackson's assistant and never seen again. [New Ground]

Quetlzelcoatl -- A giant alien that seems to live on another plane of existence. A method exists for humans to be transported to this plane by means of devices that appear to be crystal skulls. [Crystal Skull]

Season Four

Anise / Freya -- A Tok'ra scientist with questionable methods. Used SG-1 in an experiment with alien technology, gave Hebron to Tanith, and did research on the zatarc technology. [Upgrades, Crossroads, Divide and Conquer]

"Living Water" -- The Russian stargate program locates a world apparently covered with a sort of living water. This water has amazing properties. [Watergate]

Gadmeer -- A sulfar-based alien lifeform whose civilization was destroyed. A terraforming ship somehow escaped and began to recreate the Gadmeer civilization on another world. [Scorched Earth]

Entity -- An alien probe that downloads itself into the SGC computer via the stargate after the SGC's radio "attack" on its homeworld. The entity grows and later takes over the body of Major Samantha Carter. [Entity]

Season Five

Reol -- An alien race who are fleeing from the Goa'uld. They can emit a chemical that makes the affected persons believe that the Reol is a familiar person. [The Fifth Man]

Food Server (Luke?) -- A worker in the SGC commissary. He may be more than he appears. [48 Hours]