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The Bottomless Hole for Ideas Never to Be Revisited by Stargate
Update History
09 SEP 2004
-- Entries for "The Torment of Tantalus" added: Catherine Langford, Ernest Littlefield, Meeting Place.
--"Heliopolis" entry updated.
-- Entries for "Thor's Hammer" added: Asgard, Cimmeria, High Council of Asgard, Jebanna, Marduk, Thor, Thor's Hammer, Thrudvang,
-- Entries for "Brief Candle" added: Argos, Chosen, Pelops Nanocites, Pelops the Great.

06 SEP 2004
-- Entries for "The Nox" added: Fenri, P3C-117, Stargate Homing Device, Nox, Nox World.
-- Entries for "Cold Lazarus" added: Sara O'Niell, Unity.

19 AUG 2004
-- Entries for "The First Commandment added: Ultraviolet Radiation Shield, Unnamed World.
-- Entries for "The Broca Divide" added: P3X-797.

12 AUG 2004
-- Entries for "Emancipation" added: Herbal Anesthetic, P3X-595, Simarka, Shavadi, Toughai.
-- Entries for "The Enemy Within" added: Doctor Warner, Goa'uld/Host Bonding.

05 AUG 2004
-- Entries for "Children of the Gods" added: Abydos, Casey, Chulak, Giza DHD, Major Ferretti, Major Samuels, Probe, Sha're,
Skaara, Stargate Travel Effect, Warren.

06 JUL 2004
-- Initial list for seasons one - five of Stargate SG-1 created.