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Subarea 11: Units
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Direwolf's Dragoons
 Direwolf's Dragoons

"Say it can't be done and we'll do it."

SG-3 - Marines
Direwolf's Dragoons
Unit News Summary:
RONIN Promoted to Brigadier General.
Memnon joined and promoted to First Lieutenant.
viper2 promoted to Gunnery Sergeant.
SG-3 Direwolf's Dragoons Roster:
JCS Liaison Puddin
JCS Liaison Serendipity
JCS Liaison Korben Direwolf
JCS Liasion Ålma'c
General Lil.Owl
General Odie
Colonel Nika
General Khepera
Lieutenant General Lovergirl
Brigadier General RONIN
Captain Whø?
First Lieutenant Memnon
First Lieutenant PD²
First Lieutenant Mysterygirl
Second Lieutenant Nefertari
Master Gunnery Sergeant Squall
Master Gunnery Sergeant peabody
Gunnery Sergeant viper2
Staff Sergeant Sigma
Staff Sergeant Zybak
Sergeant Mad Cow
Corporal CLEM
Sergeant Spanky
Civillian Darkangel200gb

CO- JCS Liaison Korben Direwolf
XO- JCS Liaison Puddin
Comm Officer- General Lil Owl
Recruitment Officer- Captain Whø?
Liaison for SG-2 A&A- JCS Liaison Alma'c

Direwolf's Dragoons Unit Positions
Commanding Officer [CO]: The person who formed the unit and who is in charge of it.  May delegate anything deemed necessary to someone else within the unit.

Executive Officer [XO]: This person works with the CO to be sure everything runs smoothly.

Communications Officers [Comm Officer]: These officers are in charge of various aspects of communications.

Recruitment Officers [RO]: These officers are in charge of recruiting new members.

Liaison: A member of another unit who has added a persona to this unit. In charge of communication between the two units.

The following positions are currently vacant for the SG-3 unit:
Supply Officers [SO]: These officers are in charge of keeping inventory and supplies.

Bar Officer [BO]: The officers in charge of the unit bar and mess hall area.