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Subarea 11: Units
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Other Units: J*HAWKS (G.I. Joe Affiliate)
Direwolf's Doctors
Direwolf's Doctors - Medical

"Say it can't be done and we'll do it."

SG-12 - Medical
Direwolf's Doctors
SG-12 Direwolf's Dragoons - Medical Roster:
General SPA
General Eternity
Airman Gabrella
Airman Gabrella

CO- General Eternity
XO- Sweet Perfect Angel

SG-12 Unit Positions Defined
Commanding Officer [CO]: The person who formed the unit and who is in charge of it.  May delegate anything deemed necessary to someone else within the unit.

Executive Officer [XO]: This person works with the CO to be sure everything runs smoothly.

No other positions currently exist but can be created for this unit if anyone is interested.