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Subarea 11: Units
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Other Units: J*HAWKS (G.I. Joe Affiliate)
Trickster's Trackers


"Say it can't be done and we'll do it."

SG-11 - Covert Ops
Trickster`s Trackers
Unit News Summary:
Killashandra promoted to Base Commander
New Member: Lars Dahl
Trickster's Trackers Roster:
Base Commander Killashandra
General Lars Dahl
 General Ferris Bueller
General Trickster
Lieutenant Colonel Ålyssa

CO- General Trickster

Commanding Officer [CO]: The person who formed the unit and who is in charge of it.  
May delegate anything deemed necessary to someone else within the unit.
Trickster's Trackers is currently in need of an XO.
Also if anyone is interested in any other positions they can be created.