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StargateSGA Information
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General Information
The GDO Game will open up in Room 5. It is set up so that you click on start to get the game going. It is set up so that you click on start to get the game going. Please wait a moment to let the pictures finish loading. The goal is to match the pictures of the characters from Stargate SG-1. There are two matching pictures of each. You click the start button to get the timer started. If you can solve Memory in 60 second or less you will get 15 points, if you solve it between 60 and 70 seconds you will get 10 points and if you go over 70 seconds you get 5 points. You can either send the score or you can choose to replay by clicking the restart bottom and it will start the game over for you by resetting the timer. You may start the game over at any time during the game or when it is finished.

To effectively activate your GDO and send the signal, click on the digits in the bottom row when they match those in the top row. Then click on "Send Score" to send the signal.
Ineffective GDO signal:
Effective GDO signal:

It seems easier to match all 7 numbers if the same number is repeated several times in the code so I restart a few times before trying to solve.