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StargateSGA Information

This site consists of information I have gathered since 2000 that I believe will be of interest or assistance to members of  the StargateSGA site [ or].  This is not a new version of the StargateSGA website.  I do not own or operate the StargateSGA website.  I have no access to information on or about the Stargate SGA site that any other registered member cannot access. This site has no official affiliation with the owners and operators of the StargateSGA site and is not a part of the StargateSGA site.  Any opinions or advice given, unless otherwise noted are not that of the owners and operators of the StargateSGA site.  Much of the material (images, ect) contained within this site are ©1999-2001 by Tux and Co. All other material, unless otherwise indicated, is copyright ©2000-2005 by James Holloway (aka KorbenDirewolf and/or RunsWithScissors). Contact me about this website at or on the StargateSGA site by sending a comm to Locker #34 or #2418.
07 November 2005
Old Version Section added: old versions of the Chat Room, Field Training, GDO, Glyph Lock, Ion Cannons, Knowledge Test, Message Boards, Memory, PayDay, Real Awards and UAV Game pages.
Points updated.
Awards updated. --Humanitarian Service.
Air Force Awards added.
Marine Awards added.
Civilian Awards added.

Page Title
Date Added / Date Updated
Updated 07 November 2005.

Added 07 November 2005.
Added 07 November 2005.
Added 07 November 2005.
Updated 19 September 2005.
Added 19 September 2005.
Added 07 November 2005.
Updated 07 November 2005.
Added 22 August 2005.
Added 22 August 2005.
Added 21 July 2005.
Added 21 July 2005.
Added 21 July 2005.
Updated 28 July 2005.

Old Updates

19 September 2005
Points page updated (Memory/GDO).
Emoticons page added, all the old ones, most of the new and categories.  179 current emoticons!
Credits updated.

22 August 2005
Points page updated with SP and ID stuff.
Image Decoders (Images) page added.
Slide Puzzle (Images) page added.

28 July 2005
Points page added.
Credits page added.
Current rank images added to Civilian Ranks page.
Awards page added, with civilian plaques and certificates, as well as the new mission awards.

21 July 2005
The Ranks page, as well as the Air Force, Marine and Civilian subpages have been added.
Okay, I've just realized that its been a very long time (August or Septrember 2004) since I updated anything on this site so I've decided to redo everything. I don't know how long it will take, but eventually a whole new version will be online. Minus the stuff that has absolutely no use anymore (like Emoticons, who uses those?).  Contact me about this website at or send me a comm at Locker #34, I'll have a disclaimer worked up by the next update I promise.