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StargateSGA Information
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UAV Game
General Information
The UAV Game will open up in Room 6. Read the briefing after you click on Room 6 and then click the arrow to choose a difficulty. Choose the difficulty and then the game will begin.

Your objective is to pilot the UAV to safety in 40 seconds and get hit as few times as possible.

Complete Scoring Guide
1 blast
4 blasts
6 blasts
1 points
5 points
5 Points
3 points
7 points
10 points
5 points
10 points
15 points

The Story:
We were doing a routine flyover of Chulak with a UAV(Unmanned Airborne Vehicle), checking out the military strength of the Goa'uld, when we came upon some startling information. It seems as though the Goa'uld are building another more advanced Warship. We took readings and pictures with the whole array of sensors on the UAV, but in order to retrieve the information, we need to get the UAV back at the SGA. When the UAV was being piloted back to the SGA, it was spotted by some Jaffa who seem intent on keeping their new Warship secret. You are the best pilot we have, and that is why you were called for this mission. The Jaffa are using a new type of shell that explodes in the air. Note: You can see a small flash from when they fire their weapons. Use this to your advantage. Good Luck and have fun!

Stay away from the center.
On Easy, if you cannot see the blast, move!