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StargateSGA Information
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Glyph Lock
General Information
The Glyph Lock Game will open up a popup window after you click the link in Room 3. It is set up so that you click on start to get the game going. Glyphs will appear in columns on the far right side of the popup window. The goal is to match the glyphs on right column to the glyphs on the left column. You click the "refresh glyphs" button to change the glyphs on the right hand side. You can click on the little boxes that separate the two glyphs that match, and in doing so you have locked the glyphs in place. You then can refresh the glyphs again by clicking the button. Do this until you have all the glyphs locked or you run out of refresh moves (15 moves in all). You then can either send score which will appear in the place of the "refresh glyph" button or you can choose to replay by clicking the restart bottom and it will start the game over for you. A popup will ask if you are sure you want to send your score and will tell how many points it will be.

Your objective is to establish a wormhole in a minimal amount of moves. To do so, get the set of glyphs in the second column to match the set of glyphs in the first column.

Click on the checkbox to lock the glyphs that match. Then click on 'Refresh Glyphs' to refresh the glyphs that are not checked for more chances to get them to match. Continue this process till both sets match.

Restart a few times until you get a sequence with all 7 different symbols and at least one matching set.  This seems to make it easier to get all 7 to match to get 10 points.

Glyph ID Chart




Serpens Caput






Leo Minor